Before and after: how to fix bad-performing ads?

More than 10.9 billion people use Facebook, so it's hard to say that if your ads don't work, your target market doesn't depend on the social network. However, 92% of marketers say they have used Facebook ads, and many who have tried them do not generate positive conversion rates as a result.

For example, if your ad performs poorly on your desktop and tablet, you can eliminate it by changing the ad set. To find out if the reason for the poor performance of your ads is related to placement, go to the Ad Manager to see the placement of your ads. Incorrect placement of your ad can limit ad performance, as it is not visible in the places where people spend most of their time on Facebook.

Design Ads

“When selecting traffic for a campaign, your ads should be optimized to show the people who are most likely to click through your ads to your site. ”

Each ad you place in your ad group should have a different click-rate factor to determine a quality value.

Reasons your Ad isn't working

One of the main reasons why Facebook ads fail is that they don't target their ads properly. Facebook Ads gives you the chance to target your ads so that they are shown precisely to the target audience who is curious about what your offer is and will click on the specified landing page.

“On the other hand, if your ads are poorly targeted, they will pop up on social media with people who don't care about them, leading to terrible local conversions.”

To help you combat poor ads performance, here are 10 questions that illuminate the most important aspects of a new Facebook ad campaign from start to finish to help you find the root cause of why your ads aren't working. Before you throw good money after bad, take a moment to fix your strategy and ads to make sure your ad campaigns are effective.

How can I change that?

To help you find the happy place where your target audience appeals and achieves high click rates and low cost per click, test your ads to see what works best for your business and refine your strategy during your visit. AdWords lets you select keywords to build your audience, while Facebook Ads lets you start with the audience you need, segmenting it by interests and basic demographics.

Use SEMrush to review your reach and ad spend over the past three days and perform Facebook ad performance analyses.

As part of its social media toolkit, SEMrush's ad management tool warns you if your ads are working badly or being rejected by Facebook, so you can respond accordingly. On any given day, performance may be higher if an ad is set to duplicate, or if you pair yourself with other tactics to scale Facebook ads and increase your daily budget over time.

Think about the audience

If you highlight an ad that does not work as expected with our tool, you will find out if there is a potential problem that requires your attention.

One possible problem could be that your Facebook advertising has a low reach, the reach has decreased in recent days, or your costs per click have increased.

If clicks for your ad are small, you'll find a link to go to the Results & Ads tab in your Ad Manager dashboard, and that might be because your image doesn't do a good job of getting people to stop scrolling.

A good campaign goal, whether you're launching a unique product or creating brand awareness through video views, is to make sure your ads are optimized to have as many views as possible in your budget.

Facebook ads are one of the most popular advertising options for people new to online marketing. Although it is important to have the budget to run a successful campaign, Facebook ads are not suitable for all people and are best designed for organic traffic channels before you explore paid channels.

Goals to look for

One of the goals of the brand awareness campaign is the best suited for store owners who want to spread the word about their store and it should be optimized to reach as many people as possible who take notice of your Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ad Manager has all the tools you need to reach your desired audience and make a kill by running ads.

Buying and paying for ads on Google Ads, Bing Ads and social media platforms are all well and good, but all the effort and spending involved amounts to next to nothing.

Evaluating your relative click-through rates can help you understand how your ads behave towards others on the same website. Google Ads has an optional column in the Campaigns & Ad Groups tab for your relative click-through rate. Checking your ad campaigns and sorting the ads by their performance (or not) in the bulk ad performance audit can signal a problem with campaign performance.

Click Rate Optimization

Your click rate is the number of clicks on an ad in your campaign divided by ad impressions. On Facebook, ad fatigue occurs when your ad target audience shows it too often, your click rate drops and your frequency (how often your ad is seen) increases.

Instead of focusing on conversions, build your Instagram ads to hurt your conversions. For example, set up page likes and hope that if you place ads to people who like your site, you will be able to drive conversions.

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