Why story ads are where your business needs to be

Once you've created your Facebook Ad Manager campaign, you can run your ads in Instagram on your phone. The process is simple and straightforward: you share a story on an Instagram business account.

Writing stories for your business can be a fun activity with many benefits. Storytellers can tell stories about your products and services, share ideas with the community, discuss in blog posts and even add tutorials to solve the problems you want to share.

“For people with short attention spans, ads and stories are a great way to build brand awareness and increase your business.”

Once you've created content for your Facebook Stories products and videos and have a strategy in place, you can start recording spots to talk to your followers.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories reached 500 million daily active users, as reported in April 2019. With over 500 million Instagram users daily viewing Stories, you have the potential to reach a huge audience with Instagram Stories ad campaigns.

Brands can use the features of Instagram Stories to create fun and creative promotions, such as adding faces, filters, video effects and text.

Instagram ads

Instagram ads are a key tool for social media marketers with a potential audience of over 928 million people. It's not hard to create a successful Instagram ad, and users are prepared to shop on the platform with the rise of buyable posts.

"Instagram users feel bombarded with blatant ads in their news feeds, making small businesses that promote fun and engage Instagram Story ads seem more authentic."

Ads are an immediate experience that can appear on mobile devices, Facebook News Feed, Facebook Stories, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories and other rankings. In the Placement section, you can decide where your ad should appear on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram Story Ads

Instagram Story Ads is a feature that allows your company to leverage targeting and reach capabilities to make your ads relevant to the people you want to reach. If your advertising is shown to your audience, you are more likely to deliver the best performance. In addition, Instagram Stories ads from brands can be used to get links and clicks, conversion data show.

It is possible to choose from multiple destinations for a story ad, including brand awareness, traffic, engagement, app installations, video views, lead generation and conversions. You can run video ads, carousel ads, slideshows and story ads, but you can also target video views to promote them.

Your ads are a great way to introduce your product to potential customers. If you aim to attract new customers and choose conversions, Instagram Stories ads are designed so that people can buy before they come to your store. Use the Facebook Ad Manager to create a similar audience for advanced audiences to promote your Instagram stories to people who are likely to be interested in your business.


While it's convenient to have Facebook and Instagram linked together, make sure to take extra time to optimize your Stories ads for mobile devices. Make sure you follow the correct specifications for your images and videos to ensure that your ad campaigns run smoothly on stories.

Instagram Stories ads take up a portion of the users' "screens on mobile devices: Instagram Stories ads are vertical full-screen images and videos that are not as immersive as other ads but are still ad-oriented because of the way people use their mobile devices. When users start looking at a story, it's the people they follow and the videos they play, catch and swipe through.

"Stories expect that they will be a casual experience so that Stories ads shot on mobile devices will feel like content ads."

Organic Posts

Story Ads allow you to link your posts to the organic contributions of the world – a feature that is reserved for accounts verified by more than 10,000 followers – as you may have noticed in the image above. If this functionality is something that interests you or if you want to send prospective customers to your product page or blog lead form, you have a one-time limit of four to six marketing targets for which Story ads are available. There are four Instagram Story ads that companies can target, and all look like normal stories with the addition of a sponsored slogan and username at the top.

Given the unique potential of story ads as a new format with new creative parameters, you should spend some time breaking them down into their own advertising sets. If your target audience responds better to Story ads than to normal Image ads, you may want to invest more money in them. Adding mobile-optimized stories to creative assets, design, and vertical placement can increase the efficiency of your feed campaigns.

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